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Single-cell sequencing examines the sequence information from individual cells, allowing a higher resolution of cellular differences and determination of the characteristics of individual cells.

What we offer

we offer sequencing runs on NovaSeq 6000 instruments

maximum freedom
when filling complete flow cells, you are completely free in choosing the run settings

High quality sequencing
With extraordinary sequencing experience we perform our services in an accredited setting

Variety of bioinformatic support
depending on the experimental setup different analysis pipelines might be of interest

Our process

At MLLSEQ, we have the sequence capacity and experience to support you with our expertise. We offer sequencing and data preprocessing of your ready-to-load libraries.



At MLLSEQ, sequencing is performed using the Illumina sequencing by synthesis method on the latest generation of sequencing devices, the NovaSeq 6000. Depending on the library properties different sequencing settings are available.


Data Preprocessing

For 10x genomics single cell gene expression and single cell ATAC libraries the obtained sequencing data is preprocessed with the Cell Ranger/Cell Ranger ATAC pipeline:

  • mkfastq: Demultiplexing of the raw sequencing data to obtain sample-specific FASTQ files
  • count: Alignment, filtering, Barcode counting, UMI counting, etc.

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