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What we offer

we offer sequencing runs on NovaSeq 6000 or MiSeq instruments

maximum freedom
when filling complete flow cells, you are completely free in choosing the run settings

Power of combination
if you want to occupy individual lanes or sequencing based on output ask for our Combinational runs

High quality sequencing
With extraordinary sequencing experience we perform our services in an accredited setting

Our process

At MLLSEQ, we have the capacity to move your project forward quickly. We offer sequencing of whole flow cells with shortest turnaround-time and are courageous and experienced to schedule Combinational runs.



Sequencing is performed using the Illumina sequencing by synthesis method on the latest generation of sequencing devices, the NovaSeq 6000 or the MiSeq instrument.
System capabalities are based on the Illumina instrument specifications:


Among other things, in this step we provide you with browser-based tools for the pre-processing and Data Analysis. We are eager to set up a tailored pipeline by using our tools.

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Sequencing Output Per Flow Cell*
NovaSeq 6000 System

Sequencing Output Per Cluster Generation and Sequencing Kit*
MiSeq System

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